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#Hashtag Campaign for Corporate America

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015


If Corporate America Supported Sane Gun Laws,
We Would Have Them Tomorrow.

The Operation Sideline Team is launching some hashtag campaigns to allow Common-Sense American’s voices to be heard via Social Media. The mission is to get Corporate America OFF the Sidelines for sane gun laws, such as Universal Background Checks to be passed.
Why corporate America? From smoking bans to marriage equality, corporate America changes society more quickly than lawmakers. Three months after Microsoft’s 2012 endorsement of marriage equality, Apple, Google, GE and 289 other major corporations followed. The next year, state laws followed suit. And look how fast things changed in the NFL when corporations spoke out against domestic violence in the fall of 2014.
Please continue to post/tweet to companies social media pages/accounts and let them know that:
We the People are DONE ASKING.
Please start using the hashtags below in your posts and tweets directed at the companies found on
the Action Page.







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