corporate hypocrite

Corporate Hypocrite of the Month

Every major US corporation bans guns from its headquarters and board rooms–because of their obvious dangers. Yet only a handful of corporations ban guns from their outlets, offices and stores. That means they expose their customers and employees to the risks they know exist while protecting their CEO and upper management from these risks. Many corporations plead that they are simply following “local laws” but that is a cop-out– local laws allow a business or property owner to ban guns.
This month, NGVAC debuts the Corporate Hypocrite of the Month, a new feature to underscore the cowardice and dishonesty of corporate America by making an example of one individual company. Please call, write or email the officials at the selected company, letting them know that you will boycott their business until they have the courage and respect for the public to ban guns. Company officials listen to customer feedback! (Contact information for officials and sample letters and phone call scripts coming soon.)


To Post/Tweet to Corporate America, Click on the “Live Links” Below.

Demand that they support Gun Safety Legislation.

Click Here for Sample Messages

NOTE: For companies that DO NOT allow you to post on their Facebook pages, just make your post on their most recent picture/post of their own in the “Comments”

Be sure to use these hashtags-

#tellcorporateamerica #getoffthesidelines


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1. American Express fb_small_icon twitter_small_icon Honda fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Paramount fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
2. Applebee’s fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon IHOP fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Petsmart fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
3. AOL fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Jenny Craig fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Pizza Hut fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
4. Bank of America fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Kay Jewelers fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Proctor & Gamble fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
5. Black & Decker fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon K-Mart fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Radio Shack fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
6. Bristol Myers fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Kraft fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Revlon fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
7. Buena Vista fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Long John Silver’s fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Sara Lee fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
8. Burger King fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon L’Oreal fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Merck fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
9. Capital One fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Macy’s fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Sears fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
10. Carnival Cruises fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon MasterCard fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Sonic fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
11. Coca Cola fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Master Foods fb_small_icon Staples fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
12. Discover Card fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Metlife fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon State Farm fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
13. Disney fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Microsoft fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Subaru fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
14. e-Harmony fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Moen fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Tyson fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
15. Geico fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Mutual of Omaha fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Visa fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
16. General Mills twitter_small_icon Nestlé fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Walgreens fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
17. General Motors fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Nivea fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Walmart fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
18. GlaxoSmithKline fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Novartis fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Warner Bros. fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
19. Hershey’s fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon NY Life fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Zales fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon
20. Hewlett Packard fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Olive Garden fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon Hallmark fb_small_icontwitter_small_icon



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