90% of Americans Want Gun Safety Legislation

The same corporations that ban smoking are shockingly silent about guns: they ban guns in their corporate offices and board rooms but do not ban guns in their stores, exposing employees and customers to the very risk they will not take.

  • FACT: Every business has the legal right to override local gun laws and ban guns. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

  • FACT: Corporate action results in quick national change from marriage equality to stopping domestic violence within the NFL. The same would happen with guns.

  • FACT: Some top corporations have banned guns in their stores or asked customers to not bring them in because it makes their stores safer– and that is good business.


Corporate Hypocrite of the Month

Corporate Hypocrite of the MonthIn 2016, we are enlarging the Operation Sideline campaign so you can directly write the top decision makers at corporations. On the action page, we will include the name of a company’s CEO, their Board Chairman and Customer Relations Director. While “snail mail” letters require more effort to write, they are far more effective for exactly that reason. They are read. Companies care what their customers think!
Every month, we will select a Corporate Hypocrite of the Month who has been singled out for their dangerous gun policies and to apply pressure to change them. Included with each Corporate Hypocrite of the Month will be a short history of their gun policies, refusal to ban guns threatening employees and customers and gun incidents on their own property.





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